After several months, I am back implementing HTML components, entailing coding CSS elements as well. To be honest, even though I master the subject, I've forgotten the advanced tips and tricks. But as a Software Developer, we often find ourselves in this situation, especially when changing teams, projects and/or companies.

The first thing I do is to search for the technology + cheatsheet and/0r cookbook on Google. I glance at most concepts just to refresh my mind. The main idea is to avoid making elementary mistakes which beginners usually do (and I've myself done plenty of times).

CSS Cheat Sheet

I also try reading crash courses or watching videos for the same reason whenever time permits.

Moreover, once I've coded a solution, I talk with another senior developer to confirm if the way I've implemented the codes is the right way to do so. Or, I can directly create a Pull Request, with which, I get the feedback required.

A good thing to note is that different teams for different projects might have separate conventions even for the similar technologies. One team might use CSS for a project, while use SCSS for another. Therefore, the idea is to get actionable feedback to progress in the right direction.

An interesting website that always help to remember concepts of a particular technology is learnxinyminutes:

For me the most important part is to be productive, yet making sure that I am at least writing quality codes.